I made these flowers for a series of blank stationary I'm selling on Etsy.

Alium Sibericum
Cichorium Intybus
Potentilla Reptans
Rumex Acetosa
Viola Riviniana

Literary Orphans

Literary Orphans is an online zine of sorts started by a friend of mine. I approached my friend about doing some illustrations for the zine, and he hooked me up with a story about superheroes. But the story wasn't the standard "good guy vs. bad guy" plotline. The characters were a little more ambiguously moral, and the whole thing was kind of dark. I ended up having a lot of fun making the images, and the more I think about it the more I want to illustrate another story for them.

Flaming Man

Union Predicts Employers Dirty Tricks

This was a project I illustrated for the Teamsters in Chicago. The Union provided text about a variety of tactics employers may try when employees begin talking about organizing. It was really cool to be part of project that may actually affect of number of people in a positive way. This is just a small sampling of the total project. There were 24 total images, and a duplicate set optimized for grayscale. Thematically, you may notice a lot of semi-trucks and men to represent the workers, and fat old white guys to represent the employers.

Union Intro
Union 4-2
Union 4-1
Union 5-1
Union Sample Page
A sample page
Union 6-1
Union 6-2
Union 7-1
Union 10-1
Union 10-2


I've always enjoyed drawing people. My life drawing classes at the American Academy of Art in Chicago were easily my favorite classes. There's something about really nailing a likeness that is just so gratifying. The images here are from several different periods at SCAD.

Bill Murray
Bill Murray
Hunter S. Thompson
Hunter S. Thompson
Kurt Vonnegut
Kurt Vonnegut
Motorcycle Bear
Bear Spots
A few "spots" meant to go with the self portrait


Will-'O-The-Wisp was a story one of my best friends translated from Chinese for his senior project. Something about the story really resonated with me and so I made a few illustrations. The images actually turned out to be some of my favorites. If you're curious about the story I've got a copy here


Other Projects

Most of these were illustrations I made for classes while at SCAD. Because they were for a variety of projects they're kind of all over the place, but there's something I really like about each of them.

A poster for a beer festival
Advertising for Perc Coffee
Childrens Book 1
A page from my childrens book
Childrens Book 2
A spread from my childrens book
B/W Spots
This assignment was timed at 20 minutes
A wine label
Wine Color
Another wine label
Whale Bag
Honestly, I forget why I made this but I like the whales.

Logos/Not to Style

Of course I also make a lot of work that doesn't really look like any of my professional stuff. Most of it has no place on this site either because it's trash, or because it's crass and possibly detrimental to my "career." But some of it is worth sharing with the world, or at least I think so. Beyond that I also have a few logos I've worked up for friends and family. I don't think of myself as a graphic designer, but sometimes the change of pace is kind of nice.

Hobo Hanky
A logo and ad for my Father's product- The Hobo Hanky
A logo for my good friend's personal training business
Polo Poster
Athens, GA Bike Polo
Cookin' Dogs
One of several fake ads I made to spice up the flyers at work
A sample from a zine I made. Download a copy here.

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