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Online Electronics Resources

Lessons In Electric Circuits
It would be hard for me to over state the usefulness of this e-book. It's clearly and simply written, but it also provides enough depth that I would suggest it as a primary resource for anyone looking to get started with electronics. The collection is available in a variety of formats and can even be downloaded as an "app" for your phone!

Hackaday is an awesome source for news in the tech world, and cool DIY projects people are actually making. It's definitely tech heavy and geared towards people who like to pull things apart, but that's just one of the reasons it's such a great site.

Electronics Engineering Video Blog (EEVBlog)
A charming little man gets excited about electrical engineering, what more could you ask for? Seriously though, Dave knows his stuff, and is very frequently an awesome resource on specific problems. With 700+ videos under his belt, there's a good chance you can find something cool.

Guitar Effects Oriented Web Page
This ones a little bit unorganized, but that's ok because it's an awesome site for pretty much anything that relates to guitar effects and pedals. The circuit descriptions of classic pedals are some of my favorite resources. This site is super informative, and packed with interesting pages

Music From Outer Space
If you're into synths you need to check this page out. Beyond the awesome kits and rare parts, this site is just full of knowledge. A highly recommended site for anyone interested in building a synth or even just making weird noise.

Birth of a Synth
This site has some really great synth projects and was one of the first DIY synth sites I ever visisted. I particularly like the Thomas Henry designs. Beyond what you can find on this site, Thomas Henry has some great books like The Electronic Drum Cookbook.

Doctronics- 555
Do you ever work with the 555? This is everything I wish the datasheet was. Between this site and the House of Jeff- 555 Calculator I rarely need any other resource while playing with 555s. I only wish Doctronics has sites like this for the common single and dual op-amps.

OSH Park
Do you need PCBs? OSH Park makes very high quality boards for a very reasonable price.

Electronics Books

Getting Started in Electronics

Forrest Mimms

Easily one of the best "getting started" electronics books ever written. Full of information, and a variety of neat projects to keep it interesting. I can't suggest it enough if you want to learn about electronics.

The Art of Electronics

Horrowitz and Hill

The electronics text book. Not an easy read-- again, text book-- but an exhaustive resource. I love their seemingly unconvetional approach to electronics as an art rather than hard engineering. The international editions are significantly cheaper, but I think they fall into a legal gray area.

Timer, Op Amp, and Optoelectronic Circuits & Projects

Forrest Mimms

A great resource for a number of building block circuits. More than a few of my projects have begun with circuits described in this book.

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