I am Ahndhi. I make things, and I draw stuff. I can't help it. This site is a testament to some of those things.

The site is split up into a few different sections. On my blog page you can find updates on my current projects. At any given point I'm usually juggling at least a few different undertakings. My blog also contains "inspirational" stuff like music and other peoples projects.

Under Electronics I have several circuits that are more or less finished. Eventually I'd like to offer these circuits as finished products, or even as kits. But for now expect to find schematics and circuit descriptions. After college my interests turned towards electronics. Specifically I was interested in synthesizers and making weird noise. Since then I've learned a lot, but it's only taught me how much I have left to learn.

Of course Illustration is full of my pretty pictures. I did my schooling at the American Academy of Art in Chicago, and the Savannah College of Art and Design. Do you need someone to make pictures for you? I can do that. I accept a very wide variety of currencies and barter items.

etc is the junk drawer of my website. You can expect to find things like my contact info, links to my friends sites, and resources I think are particularly useful. I might also add some of my other projects as they come up.

Tell me what you think about my things. Or don't. Whatever.

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